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While there were several fantastic ideas, I narrowed our winning entry based on a combination of two essential things – Did my kids eat it (willingly)? Was it easy enough to whip up? If it answered those two questions, then it caught my eye, and taste buds, a little more. In the end, our winner is Mel, for her arrestingly delicious idea of Apple Salad Sammies. In recap, her recipe was simple:

We like apple salad sandwiches. Toasted walnuts, golden raisins, and sweet red apples, celery, red grapes all diced. Mix that up with a spoon of miracle whip an a little pepper and stuff it into a warm pita. OH, yum.

Admittedly, we did omit the Miracle Whip, as that is not a favorite in our house, but I will say that Mayo words fantastically. It was tried both crammed into a pita and on bread. Another fantastic snack variation would be to slice the pita into little chip-sized wedges and bake them. Then use them to scoop up the mouth-watering apple goodness. I think next time we will try them with Craisins for a fun twist!

So, thank you Mel! And thank you to everyone else that participated, even if only by way of reading this blog & learning. Be sure to continue with your PB&J campaign in spite of school being out for some months. It’s just one more little thing you can do to help jump start our wold into a greener tomorrow.


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Peanut butter & jelly – it’s more important than you might think! It’s the premise to a campaign that I’ve read a lot about and begun to incorporate into my family’s mealtime rituals. And it’s not just about the old- fashioned & long-loved PB&J sammy. It’s about taking the time to make a small difference in your meal planning, yet have a monumental impact on the world around you.

You can read more in-depth here at the PB&J Campaign’s website. Personally, I’m glad that I was directed to this site by a friend. I realized that, while I recycle, eat many organics, cloth diaper… I could go on here forever with my list of super-crunchy habits, yet I realized that I can still do more. Even the simple task of packing a lunch for my son to take to school & being sure to replace a traditional cold-cut sandwich with a PB&J can put us on our way to helping in the conservation of water, reduction of water pollution, and the elimination of some would-be expelled greenhouse gases. If you find yourself wondering how a homely looking PB&J became such a superpower in the modern lunch box, be sure to read this page to become more informed. Personally, I was in shock at the difference that could be made by making the choice to change the star of my son’s cafeteria meal, but I worried that he’d become easily bored & then I found additional options on the same website. So it’s not all about PB&J and even those families with nut allergies can easily participate.

But why end your efforts there? Make that meal have the biggest impact that it can. Forgo the extra garbage created by individual serving size snacks that are often unhealthy to boot. Replace them with mama nature’s juicy apples, oranges or bananas. Get rid of the notion that a juice box is the only way to hydrate on the go. Instead, make a small investment in reusable container such as the Klean Kanteen or similar. And definitely get rid of plastic baggies for packaging that now famous PB&J. Use a Wrap-N-Mat instead. It’s reusable & easily cleaned with the simple wipe of a wet washcloth.

Do you have a recipe to share that abandons the cold cut? Share it with us & we will test it out & choose our favorite one & reward the winner with a fabulous t-shirt from Cotton Mamma! We will pick the winner on June 20th, so that we have plenty of time to test them out.

Want a chance to win another shirt?  Place a link to this blog on your blogroll.  Contact me via e-mail with your information & website so that I may see your link.  Bing-bang-boom!  You’re entered into a random drawing to win a shirt!  So you have TWO chances to win this eye-pleasing shirt!

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